Web Registration Steps





Please note that Online Registration is only available AFTER you first consult an advisor. You should also be aware that Online Registration will only be activated some time after mid-term each semester.
Log into Eaglenet using your Student ID for the "User name" and the Password that was sent to you in the letter from Admissions.







Click Submit.









Class Search Options Page

You can search by teacher, by day, by class title, by part of term, or by time (you must use both a beginning and ending time, remembering that classes go from 8-8:50 or from 9-10:20, etc.), but you must select a course subject first.




In the blank labeled "Course Number," enter the 4-digit number that is displayed on the courses list. For example, if you want to look for BIO 1433, you should have selected "Biology" from the course selection list, then typed "1433" in the Course Number blank.

Skip the rest of the search criteria and click the "Class Search" button.



Class Search Results

When the list of courses is brought up, select a particular section by clicking in the box under "Select".  Those classes with a ‘C’ under "Select" are closed.

After clicking on the box, click on ‘Add to Worksheet’ or ‘Register’ at the bottom of the page.



            You will return to the “Add/Drop Classes” page.  If you clicked "Add to Worksheet" on the Search results page, click on the ‘Submit Changes’ button to complete registration for this particular course. Repeat the above process for each course.


PLEASE NOTE: Some courses, such as Biology require both a lecture and a lab course during the semester. In order to register for these courses, you MUST select BOTH the Lecture and the Lab during the same Course Search operation. These steps illustrate that process:

Begin like any search by selecting the subject area from the list, then DO NOT enter the 4-digit Course Number in the blank.

Simply scroll down the page to the "Class Search" button and click on it.

The difference is apparent when the Search Results are displayed because ALL the courses in the subject area will be listed.


Scroll down through the list looking at the "Crse" column until the number of the course you need shows up. The numbers are in chronological order from smallest to highest. Look through the days and times for all course sections with that number and click a box beside the one you need. Now continue scrolling and looking at the Crse column until the number for the next course you need comes into view. Look through all the listings of the course sections with that number and select one by clicking the box to the left of it.

You have now selected BOTH Lecture and Lab sections. Scroll down and click either "Register" or "Save to Worksheet."


If you clicked on "Save to Worksheet," click on the "Submit Changes" button.



As you register for courses, they will be listed in the upper part of the "Add/Drop" page. If you encounter a time conflict with a course you are trying to register for but want to drop one you have already registered for in order to resolve the conflict, click on the pull-down menu next to the course name in the list on the Add/Drop page.  Click on ‘Drop Course’, then scroll down and click the ‘Submit Changes’ button.

You can then go back through the search and register the course you were trying to add. REMEMBER that you have dropped a course that was already registered so you will have to search for that one again and attempt to register a different day/time for it.




You can then print the displayed schedule if there is a printer connected to your PC.

You can always view or print the schedule at a later time. You do NOT have to go through the Registration process to do so.

After clicking on "My Student Services and Financial Aid" on the Eaglenet main page, then clicking "Registration" on the Student Services page, you can click one of the schedule links on the Registration menu as pictured below.







·        Students will not be allowed to register for courses in programs to which they have not been admitted; e.g., no student can register for RGT courses unless they are in the Radiologic Technology program.

·        Students will get an error message if they have not met course prerequisites.  Must go to Admissions/Advising in Ivy Hall.

·        Students will not be allowed to register for classes which meet at the same time.

·        Students will not be allowed to register for classes that are closed because the maximum enrollment has been met.

·        Students will not be allowed to register for online courses online.  Must go to Admissions/Advising so that they can also be registered in the Mississippi Virtual Community College database.